Marriage Counseling

When your marriage has hit a rough patch, it can feel like you and your spouse are at a significant crossroads. You either decide to continue to work and find solutions or you end the marriage. Couples therapy is not an easy decision to make, but it could be worth considering if you are looking for options to resolve issues impacting your marriage. You could benefit from marriage counseling if the following scenarios apply to you. 

You struggle to communicate 

As a therapist who specializes in marriage counseling in Bethesda, MD can tell you, like one at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates communication is one of the top issues that many couples cite for their problems. Everyone has their preferred means of communication, and it can be hard to respond in a fair and respectful way when you are caught up in your emotions. A marriage counselor can help you and your spouse work on your communication skills. 

You always fight over trivial things

Arguments in a relationship are normal, but if they always happen, it can be a sign that something in your relationship is holding you back. If you are noticing that you and your spouse argue about even the smallest issues, speaking to a therapist can help you get to the reason why those fights occur. There could be something deeper going on, such as mistrust or fundamental differences. 

You do not talk to each other as often

Sudden periods of silence can be a sign that you and your partner struggle to find ways to connect. There could be something preventing you from what you want to say, or you find it hard to be comfortable around each other. Long periods of no communication can cause you to feel mistrust or resentment towards one another. There is a barrier that needs to be broken. A therapist can determine if a recent event or other issue is causing your lack of communication. 

You disagree on what’s best for your children 

For many parents, figuring out the best decisions for your children can involve a lot of conflict. Both parents want to do the right thing for their children, but they may have vastly different approaches. This can get in the way of the marriage and disrupt. By meeting with a therapist, you both can arrive at a compromise and find a solution that serves everyone. 

You are considering divorce

If you feel like you are at the brink of divorce, marriage counseling can be your last option. When you and your spouse are struggling to find common ground and find solutions to build your marriage, having a third party can help illuminate the root of your issues so that you can work towards a solution before deciding it’s time to end your marriage.

With a marriage counselor to provide their valuable services, there is hope and help available so that your marriage can have a fresh start. To get started, request an appointment so that you can learn more about services that are available for you and your partner.